More than 20 years of international experience

The BLACK BOX GALLERY® label, brought to life and founded by photographer Alexander von Wiedenbeck, is owed to an ideology and a thought that had grown up over the many years of his activities as a photographer. The steady growth of the extensive tasks in connection with his international photography exhibitions, the strictly limited art prints, as well as the organization of the commercial photo productions, all of which were sometimes taken over externally by various partners, required everything to be united under one roof.

Ultimately, it is the more than 20 years of experience of Alexander von Wiedenbeck in all these areas, the organization of photo productions and photography exhibitions around the globe, which have now flowed into the foundation and the know-how of today’s tasks of the BLACK BOX GALLERY® GmbH. Not only in-house, but also literally “on location” for friends and established photography publications.

The core & the essential aspirations of BLACK BOX GALLERY® currently include all activities of the photographer Alexander von Wiedenbeck exclusively.

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