BLACK BOX GALLERY® FineArtPrint in a HALBE magnetic frame natural oak in 50/40 format

Unique quality without compromise

Black and white is not just black and white – an experience that BLACK BOX GALLERY® founder and photographer Alexander von Wiedenbeck was able to make more than once. The deviations of the paper batches, printing inks and machines lead in many, if not in most cases, to falsified printing results with different color casts in black and white. At BLACK BOX GALLERY®, we don’t just rely on the specifications and color profiles of the individual manufacturers, but instead rely on seamless quality control for our fine art prints. All paper batches and machines are regularly profiled specifically and with an individual, in-house specification in order to completely prevent any color changes or color casts.

An exclusive and high-quality presentation, and above all high-quality products, are the benchmark for a framed BLACK BOX GALLERY® fine art print. For this reason we do not make any compromises when choosing our partner companies. With the high-quality fine art papers from Hahnemühle and the first-class, multi-award-winning magnetic frames from HALBE, we can accomplish our requirements and confirm our position of the unique quality of high-quality and framed black and white photographs.

Guarantee & honesty are important to us – all fine art prints are provided with a numbered and signed label on the back to verify the authenticity limited art prints and guarantee the strictly limited edition. A certificate of authenticity with watermark and the photographer’s signature is also enclosed with each fine art print. As additional verification, the certificate of authenticity and the fine art print are provided with a quality seal and consecutive serial number. We therefore guarantee the exclusivity of our art prints and you can query the authenticity of the photograph with us at any time.

HALBE magnetic frames

For Halbe the internationally recognised label “Made in Germany” symbolizes more than just excellence. It is a commitment to traditional virtues and pioneering spirit. Precision and reliability are combined with lean production and process orientation. Since 1946, the HALBE family have been putting perfect framing conditions at their centre of attention. What started in a small workshop reached its first peak in 1973, with the development and later patenting of the magnetic frame. Easy & professionally with an utmost level of comfort and functionality. Halbe frames are perfectly designed to the detail, thanks to the knowledge and expertise of a third-generation family-owned company. Find out how it all began and get a glimpse into production. The site in Kirchen, Rhineland-Pfalz, also contributes to the consistent quality of their products, for this is where the essential expertise and profound knowledge of the HALBE staff is rooted. Many have been part of the team for over 20 years. What unites them, is their personal commitment to a midsized, family-owned company in Germany, the land of ideas.

The right frame in every case – whether at home, in the company, in schools, exhibitions or museums – HALBE magnetic frames are used in many areas due to their simple magnetic frame principle, high-quality workmanship and timeless, award-winning design. With the matching frame from HALBE you underline the character of the picture and present the value of the work of art appropriately. HALBE products meet the highest demands in terms of outstanding presentations, ongoing conservation and preventive safety measures – an uncompromising partner at BLACK BOX GALLERY®.


Hahnemühle Fine Art Papers

The best raw materials, craftsmanship skills, a lot of handicraft and a co-operative relationship with their customers make for the excellent and internationally acclaimed quality of the Hahnemühle products. For centuries now, papers characterised by the ‘Rooster’ have been used by artists or as reliable media for technical applications. The German paper producer’s innovation power resulted in the invention of the “FineArt Inkjet Papers”. Hahnemühle is the pioneer in this area and remains the world leading provider of fine-art inkjet papers today.

Painters, graphic artists and designers, illustrators, printers, photographers, advertising experts, archivists, bookbinders, art students, scientists, engineers and lab assistants and of course the BLACK BOX GALLERY® too all use papers by Hahnemühle. For each of them, paper is a natural working appliance that has to meet high standards for different reasons. Hahnemühle papers emphasise the features when it comes to photography, art and fine-art printing and deliver reliable results in the technical area.

Clean water and natural fibres have been the foundation of Hahnemühle’s success for more than 430 years. The fine papers are unthinkable without these precursors. At the BLACK BOX GALLERY® we are just as committed to the environment which is why we rely on the quality products from Hahnemühle.