More than 20 years of international experience

The BLACK BOX GALLERY® label, brought to life and founded by photographer Alexander von Wiedenbeck, is owed to an ideology and a thought that had grown up over the many years of his activities as a photographer. The steady growth of the extensive tasks in connection with his international photography exhibitions, the strictly limited art prints, as well as the organization of the commercial photo productions, all of which were sometimes taken over externally by various partners, required everything to be united under one roof.

Ultimately, it is the more than 20 years of experience of Alexander von Wiedenbeck in all these areas, the organization of photo productions and photography exhibitions around the globe, which have now flowed into the foundation and the know-how of today’s tasks of the BLACK BOX GALLERY® GmbH. Not only in-house, but also literally “on location” for friends and established photography publications.

The core & the essential aspirations of BLACK BOX GALLERY® currently include all activities of the photographer Alexander von Wiedenbeck exclusively.

Alexander von Wiedenbeck

Born and raised in a small village in the Bavarian province in the early 1980s, he began photography as an autodidact within the advertising agency he founded and managed in the at the begin of the 2000s. Very soon and especially after his non-profit photo series and charity exhibition about the cemetery & dumpsite children on the Philippines, Alexander discovered a photography away from the glittering and sometimes over-retouched advertising world and shifted his focus to telling unadulterated & authentic stories. Since then he has been photographing reportages, editorials, portraits & campaigns and tells stories around the world, be it as commissioned work for established brands or magazines, or through his personal projects. For supporting the artistic development of photography he is a member of C/O Berlin Friends e.V. since 2014 and art director of the Kulturverein Eggenfelden e.V. since 2019.

In addition to various awards such as at the tifa – Tokyo International Photo Award, or at the GoSee Award, his photo series have also been shown in more than 20 solo exhibitions around the world. Among others at the BACC in Bangkok, the inatura Museum in Dornbirn b. Bregenz, the Weltmuseum Wien, the Gotischer Kasten in Eggenfelden, as well as in established houses of art in Germany. In 2022 he received the renowned titel of the „Inselkünstler 2022“ from the Sylter Kunstfreunde e.V. for his photographic journey WATTENRUH on the german island Sylt, which was shown in an exhibition in the Gallery of the City „Alte Post“ in Westerland. Between 2014 and 2022 he published six photo books and exhibitions catalogs.

Alexander’s photography – reduced to the essentials – today is focused exclusively on capturing authentic moments as well as creating unusual, amazing photographs. Telling great and lasting photo stories with a feeling, with a deeper insight into the truth behind, is perhaps what is special about his photographs.

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Unique quality without compromise

Black and white is not just black and white – an experience that BLACK BOX GALLERY® founder and photographer Alexander von Wiedenbeck was able to make more than once. The deviations of the paper batches, printing inks and machines lead in many, if not in most cases, to falsified printing results with different color casts in black and white. At BLACK BOX GALLERY®, we don’t just rely on the specifications and color profiles of the individual manufacturers, but instead rely on seamless quality control for our fine art prints. All paper batches and machines are regularly profiled specifically and with an individual, in-house specification in order to completely prevent any color changes or color casts.

An exclusive and high-quality presentation, and above all high-quality products, are the benchmark for a framed BLACK BOX GALLERY® fine art print. For this reason we do not make any compromises when choosing our partner companies. With the high-quality fine art papers from Hahnemühle and the first-class, multi-award-winning magnetic frames from HALBE, we can accomplish our requirements and confirm our position of the unique quality of high-quality and framed black and white photographs.

Guarantee & honesty are important to us – all fine art prints are provided with a numbered and signed label on the back to verify the authenticity limited art prints and guarantee the strictly limited edition. A certificate of authenticity with watermark and the photographer’s signature is also enclosed with each fine art print. As additional verification, the certificate of authenticity and the fine art print are provided with a quality seal and consecutive serial number. We therefore guarantee the exclusivity of our art prints and you can query the authenticity of the photograph with us at any time.

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The Social Responsibility of Photography

Over the years, through all the countless photo productions with great artists, actresses, singers and musicians from Hong Kong, Paris to New York and Los Angeles, the world has given so much good to photographer Alexander von Wiedenbeck. He was able to experience intense moments, get to know great personalities, and the discovery of himself and his passion for real photography took him on exciting paths to magical places, allowing him to enjoy great and unique experiences.

With a tremendous amount of gratitude for his life so far, the idea gradually grew in him to give something back to the world, to return the favor – to make a contribution – to be sustainable and meaningful. But how, where and especially with whom? Therefore, he had written to ten german and austrian aid organizations and offered his support … even much more, a vision of a pioneering project of social responsibility within (reportage) photography. After numerous discussions, reflections and comparing the tough facts, the election for the first project then fell on the Aktionsgruppe Kinder in Not e.V. from Windhagen, Germany with their projects at the Philippines. Cemetery children, dumpsite children, forced prostitution of children were the words that made Alexander freeze and moved him to start here…

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